There is Hope for Migraines, Jaw and Neck Aches – It is Time to Enjoy Life!

Many people grind or clench their teeth while they sleep and most don't even know it! Teeth grinding/clenching can cause many problems including headaches, migraines, muscle pain/back aches, head & neck pain, TMJ pain, and severe tooth wear.


Are you always in pain?

Do you feel nauseous?

Does intense light trigger your migraines?

Have you called in sick or canceled appointments due to your migraines?


Enough is enough! Many patients have struggled with migraines and joint pain for most of their lives with no relief, only to find that a simple FDA approved device can help them feel much better – NTI guard.

On average, 82% of NTI users had a 77% reduction in migraines!


NTI is a small acrylic guard that is custom made for your teeth and is an extremely easy way of relieving headaches, jaw pain, and tooth wear. It is quite simple to make and adjust so that it is comfortable and stable.

Ask Dr. Drakulovic about NTI, the latest advancement in headache and migraine prevention. The majority of our patients choose NTI guard over using prescription drugs.